CSE (BOCH/ΤΡΚΗ) 2.810 -0.020
Last updated 15:48
LSE (BOCH) 2.800 0.000
Last updated 13:53

General Management

The General Management of the Bank consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer and another 13 Directors as follows:

Chief Executive Officer: John Patrick Hourican

Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer: Christodoulos Patsalides


Chief Risk Officer: Michalis Athanasiou

CEO of UK & Channel Islands: Nick Fahy

Finance Director: Eliza Livadiotou

Director of HR: Solonas Matsias

Director of REMU & Overseas Run-Down: Miltiades Michaelas:

Director of Corporate Banking: Panicos Nicolaou

Director of Corporate Affairs: Michalis Persianis

Director, International Banking Services & Wealth, Brokerage & Asset Management: Louis Pochanis

Director of Consumer and SME Banking: Charis Pouangare

Director of Compliance: Marios Skandalis

Director of Restructuring and Recoveries: Nicolas Scott Smith

Executive Chairman, Insurance Businesses: Aristos Stylianou

Director of Internal Audit: George Zornas


The members of the Bank's General Management participate in the Executive Committee and/or the Operating Committee as described below:


Executive Committee

The Committee meets monthly and consists of the CEO (Chair of the Committee) and the Deputy CEO who are also executive members of the Board, the Chief Risk Officer, the Finance Director, the Director Consumer & SME Banking, the Director of Corporate Banking, the Director of International Banking Services & Wealth Management, the Executive Chairman of Insurance Businesses, the CEO of UK & Channel Islands, the Director of REMU & Overseas Run-Down and the Director of Restructuring & Recoveries.


Operating Committee

The Committee meets mothly and consists of the Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer (Chair of the Committee), the Chief Risk Officer, the Finance Director, the Director of HR, the Director of Compliance and the Director of Corporate Affairs.  Other Heads of various operational functions of the Bank are invited to participate in the Committee meetings.