CSE (BOCH/ΤΡΚΗ) 2.810 -0.020
Last updated 16:03
LSE (BOCH) 2.800 0.000
Last updated 14:05

Internal Audit

The Bank has in place an independent Audit Function, through which the Bank’s Board, senior management and shareholders may be provided with reasonable assurance that its key organisational and procedural controls are effective, appropriate, and complied with.  The role of the Group Internal Audit Division includes the following:

  • Develop and implement an effective annual internal audit program to be approved by the Audit Committee that covers the entire operations of the Bank including subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Submit to the Audit Committee an annual report on the performance of Internal Audit activities, responsibilities, and performance relative to the audit plans and strategies as approved by the Committee including significant risk exposures, control issues and such matters as may be needed or requested by Board of Directors and senior management
  • Conduct independent assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of management and IT control frameworks, risk management and governance processes of all units of the Bank including subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Monitor the resolution of internal control weaknesses noted during the examination with the end view of mitigating risks and strengthening the control environment
  • Examine and analyse the organisational structure, checks and balances, methods of operations and use of human and physical resources to reveal defects in order to prevent fraud or irregularities
  • Certify that the conduct of auditing activities is in accordance with the International standards on the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing