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Cyprus Anticancer Society

On April 9, 2017, we organized with the Cyprus Anticancer Society the Christodoula March 2017 and we all continue the fight against cancer.

Since 1999 we have been sponsors and partners in the Cyprus Anticancer Society, supporting efforts to raise public awareness and provide services relating to cancer. Our goal is to enable the Cyprus Anticancer Society to maintain and upgrade the services and infrastructure available to cancer patients and their families.

In the Spring 2016, we launched the “stimaxi” campaign (fight against cancer), inviting the public to participate and to contribute financially to the Society. The campaign was mounted through a specially-designed site, www.stimaxi.com, and the public had the opportunity to make donations online.

Through our broader campaign across all mass media, traditional and electronic, and the participation of volunteers-Bank staff in a variety of events, we aimed - and succeeded - to raise donations to the Cyprus Anticancer Society.

Specifically, in 2016 donations amounted to 508,893, an increase of 13.8% on 2015.

In 2017 we boosted our donations drive, aiming for even greater growth.

Once again the “Fight Against Cancer” campaign has met with success. Awareness has grown among the Cypriot people, who have answered the call. Through our advertising campaign, the Batukinio percussion group called on people to “fight” in their own way to support our fellow countrymen who are cancer patients and their families.