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Application process

Recruitment and Selection Process

The procedures vary according to the role you are seeking whether you are applying for a general or a graduate role. 

Aptitude Tests

They measure the ability to think and reason abstractly and solve problems. This ability is considered independent of education and past experience.

They also measure the ability to learn from past experiences and relevant learning and to apply this learning to work related situations. These situations may include comprehending

  • Written reports, written data and facts and logically deriving conclusions from them.
  • Financial outcomes or performance figures to make effective decisions


Structured Interviews

Measure job related competencies of candidates by systematically inquiring about their behaviour in past experiences. Structured interviews are more personal than other assessment methods and ensure that candidates are assessed accurately and consistently.


Assessment centres

A battery of tests and exercises are administered to a group of candidates across a number of hours within a single day.

Exercises include:

Individual exercises - provide information on how the candidates work by themselves (ie in-tray).

One to One exercises - The candidate interacts in various ways with another person.

Group exercises - Test how candidates interact in a group.


How to apply

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