Sustainability Reports

In 2020 the Bank decided to rename the Corporate Responsibility Report to Corporate Sustainability Report, to respond to the grown trends and requirements around the disclosure of corporate information around Sustainability and ESG-Environment, Social, Governance performance.

The Corporate Sustainability Reports offer an insight into how Bank of Cyprus assumes its responsibilities as a bank, as an employer, as well as towards the society and the environment.

The Corporate Sustainability Reports of Bank of Cyprus are based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and, more specifically, on the GRI Standards version with the level Core (In Accordance – Core). Furthermore, the 2020 Report is based on the SASB Standards, Financials Sector, Commercial Banks Industry Standard (version 2018-10).

The following Reports aim to chart the Bank of Cyprus strategy and annual activities on matters of Corporate Responsibility and illustrate the commitment undertaken by Bank of Cyprus to the principles and strategy of Corporate Responsibility.

Corporate Sustainability Report 2020 - Corporate Sustainability Report 2020 Highlights

Corporate Responsibility Report 2019  -  Appendix “Our Response to COVID-19 (May 31st 2020 Update)”

Corporate Responsibility Report 2018  -  GRI Index 2018

Corporate Responsibility Report 2017  -  GRI Index 2017