Cyprus Anticancer Society

We remain a longstanding partner of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. Since 1999, we have been supporting the Society’s efforts to raise public awareness about cancer, as well as raising funds to maintain and upgrade its services and facilities.

  • Every year we co-organise and support in various ways the annual “Christodoula March”, and through #stimaxi (Fight Against Cancer) campaign, we invite our citizens to “join the battle” and support the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Anticancer Society.
  • We have variously contributed to the fund raising for the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and the “Arodaphnousa” Palliative Care Centre. In 2018, the campaign raised €485,000 and in 2019 this amount increased to at €530.000.
  • So far more than 800 volunteers from our staff assist in the collection of funds, through organizing and participating in charity events, bazars, breakfasts, entertaining nights and other activities with the sole aim of supporting financially the Society.
  • Our Runners Team (οur volunteers) participates in marathons both in Cyprus and abroad, with the purpose of fundraising through donations from the social and professional circle of the participants.
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