We acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment

We are fully aware of our responsibility to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment and we improve our eco-efficiency through measures, such as the efficient use of energy, water and paper, including green Information Technology (IT), and the replacement of business trips with video conferences.

European Business4Climate

We participate in the European Programme “Business4Climate” and we commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of policies, measures and day-to-day practices that will help reduce their carbon footprint.

Back-Office Automation & Digitization

We aim to modernise the Back-Office Operation with the continuous advancement of the existing systems, the automation of manual procedures as well as the streamlining of procedures.

Energy saving and carbon emissions reduction

In 2018, we used on a pilot basis fully recycled photocopying paper, within the framework of our policy to enhance the environmental awareness of employees.

Furthermore, the following actions took place:

  • Completion of our premises energy audit that commenced in 2017.

  • Installation and connection of 100 KW photovoltaics to cover part of the electricity needs of the Information Technology building.

  • Ongoing replacement of old air conditioning equipment using R22 gas, with a new more efficient ones.

Waste Management

We recognise the importance of waste resource management, and we have had for several years in place a paper recycling programme on all our premises. We continue the Recycling Agreements that are in place since 2014, with a recorded volume of paper recycled during 2018 to be approximately 735,000 kg.

Paperless Programme

We encourage our employees, through the upgraded Internal Portal, to further reduce the use of paper in everyday transactions and tasks.

Also, customers are encouraged to use our innovative web and phone banking services.

Through the “Stop Paper Statement” function, customers can stop receiving statements  for their accounts by mail, contributing to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources.

We have also introduced a new Fees and Commissions Schedule providing incentives to customers to switch to digital and other paperless services.

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