What Social Responsibility means to us

Corporate Responsibility is a strategic part of our doing business. It leads our initiatives to operate in a socially, economically, financially and environmentally responsible way across our community.

We have developed a corporate culture that reflects our desire to operate responsibly in all the sectors that contribute to sustainable growth: economy, employees, society and environment.

We work with transparency and remain consistent and committed to achieving business results that create value.

We have long been active in a whole range of socially responsible activities, from employee volunteering to long-term programmes for Health and Education.

We have an enduring commitment to managing the environmental and social impact of our business, while recognizing that our success is closely linked to the success  of the communities in which we live and work.

Throughout our long history from 1898 onwards, we have undertaken the role of  “responsible citizen” with regard to the community in which we operate and work.

“Koino Kyprion” is and must be foremost in our thoughts in every decision we take, both as an organization and as individuals in the service of this organization.


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