Our Responsible Services

Transparency and responsibility

Integrity, transparency and responsibility should guide us in every action. In everything that we do, we are creating value for our customers, shareholders and staff.

To achieve this, we take into account all factors which affect our organisation, be it risk management or management strategies for alternative investments.

Supply Chain

  • Introducing new procedures and criteria for the supply chain, ensuring a smooth and transparent process in the selection of suppliers.

  • Adopting and upgrading supplier assessment and selection procedures in all areas of cooperation.



We operate in accordance with principles governing all our tendering procedures:

  • Fair competition: all candidates must enjoy fair treatment, through neutral specification of requirements focusing on meeting specific needs of our Bank.

  • Conflict of interest: any conflicts of interest relating to our business activity or the parties involved in the process must be explicitly declared.

  • Cost – Quality – Effectiveness: decisions should also factor in the quality of the goods/services as well as in the candidates’ performance.

  • Transparency – Data Protection: all proposal-related documents must include all the information necessary to facilitate submission of appropriate and competitive proposals.

  • Transparent assessment: assessment of proposals is transparent and utilises standardized methods based on commonly acceptable practices.

  • Accountability (reporting and recording-archiving): all involved parties are obliged to report to the approval manager on any purchase or any use of οur budget or resources.

Products and services use and labelling

  • We are enforcing a reviewing process of our advertising campaigns and outside communication.


The payment services have been developed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation as follows:

  • Supplementary Agreement governing the relation between Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd and its customers.

  • Terms and Conditions of the use of Visa/Mastercard/American Express.

  • Terms and Conditions of 1bank.

  • Terms and Conditions governing the execution of payment transactions where the customer does not hold a payments account with Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd.

Handling of complaints

  • We ensure our customers’ satisfaction, providing high-quality products and services.

  • We handle complaints and recommendations, which we take on board to implement actions aimed at improving our products and services.

  • Customers are afforded various means of filing complaints/recommendations, be it online, by phone or by post.

Customer Personal Data Protection Policy

We reaffirm our commitment to protecting each person’s right to privacy, pursuant to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

Discretion – Confidentiality – Data Protection

The relations with our customers are protected, and no information whatsoever relating to customers’ financial affairs, nor any other information shall be disclosed without their consent.

  • We prohibit our employees from receiving any commission or other payment from third parties, in exchange for information on our customers or portfolio.

  • All information/files kept, either in soft or hard copy, regarding our customer accounts and their dealings with our Bank must be utilised in good faith and strictly for the purpose of concluding the services provided.

  • Use of customer-related confidential information to secure personal gain is strictly prohibited.

  • Complete transparency and data protection for all documents and tenders relating to supplies procurements.

  • Our customers are afforded the opportunity to file complaints via our website.

  • We expressly inform our customers on the reasons why personal data may be requested.

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