Vyronas Vyronos

Director SME Banking


Vyron Vyronos

Vyronas is the Director of SME Banking and has under his supervision the smooth operation and development of business of all Business Centers in Cyprus..

He joined the Bank in 1989 as Management Trainee and, from August 1989 until December 1999, served in various departments of the Bank of Cyprus.  From January 2000, he served as Business Line Manager until April 2002 when he was appointed as Branch Manager until April 2004 and thereafter served in several regional managerial positions in Limassol.  From February 2010 until May 2018, he was appointed Debt Manager at Headquarters and in June 2018 he was appoitned Regional Manager Retail and SME, Nicosia until August 2019.

Vyronas holds a BSc (Econ) in Economics from University College London and an MSc (Econ) in International Economics and Banking from University of Wales, UK.  He is also a qualified Insolvency Practitioner since April 2016.