Working at BoC

  • We're committed to our core values

    Integrity, Reliability, Collaboration, Professionalism, Innovation

  • Our people can pursue a variety of roles

    during their career with our Bank, gaining a broader experience, moving between front and head office functions as well as different departments and locations, getting to know various parts of our Bank.

  • Modern Workplace

    As part of the Digital Transformation Programme, significant changes have been made to establish a modern and more efficient work environment. Several new technologies and tools have been introduced aiming at drastically improving employees' experience and enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing throughout the organisation.

  • Equal-Opportunity Employer

    The Bank has developed policies to safeguard gender equality, equity, diversity, inclusion and to ensure that it fosters a culture of meritocracy and fairness.

    The Bank operates based on objective criteria regarding skills, ethics, and experience, irrespective of colour, race, nationality/ ethnicity, disability, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion.

    A policy of zero tolerance toward discrimination, harassment and bullying aims to effectively handle and eventually eliminate any form of harassment, discrimination or unfair treatment.

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