Our Society

The Responsibility under which we operate towards society is based on the core belief that our mission goes beyond the limits of our primary corporate role as a banking organization. As we go Beyond Banking, we aim to make a difference by elevating the Cyprus society and contribute to its continued socioeconomic development, by remaining a strong driving force of Sustainable Development in the country. As a result, we could not stay indifferent in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We created SupportCY, a network of companies and organizations and supported the state mechanism and society in general. SupportCY became a legacy that will continue to offer, based on the collaborations and mutual support of its members.


Our ongoing actions in the Health pillar

Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre

Our ongoing actions in the Education pillar

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

IDEA Innovation Center

Donations, Sponsorships & Partnerships

More information can be found in the Corporate Sustainability Report 2021, “Our Society” chapter