Notices for Transfer - View/Delete

Option through which you can view and delete all notices on your accounts.

Important Information

All Notices placed via internet banking or branches for the specific account appear:

  • Notices for the transfer of funds from one account to another;
  • Notices for cash withdrawals


  • Select Account: Select the account to see the details of Notices placed

All Notice details appear, such as Reference Number, Notice date and the date of Notice expiration.

Transfers from Notice Accounts are executed on the expiry date provided all necessary conditions are met (ie available balance in account being debited). Once executed, Notices are no longer available in the 'View Notices' option.

It is important to check the Transaction History on the execution date to ensure that the transfer has been completed.

Delete process 

  • Select Account:  Select the account to view the details of the Notices placed  in order to proceed with their deletion
  • Delete:  Click to proceed with the deletion of the specific Notice 
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the deletion 
  • Transaction number: The system returns a message on the top part of the screen with the status of the transaction. Click on this number to view the details of the transaction


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