Stay safe, Go Digital - Bank of Cyprus offers online subscriptions to 1bank

Bank of Cyprus customers can now subscribe to 1bank for fast, easy and digital access to their accounts.

Current Bank of Cyprus customers (individuals) aged 18 and over and who hold at least one account with the Bank, now have the option of registering online for 1bank.

To subscribe online, simply visit the 1bank Internet Banking start page and select ‘Register for 1bank’. Alternatively, over the next few days it will be possible to do the same from the start page with the Mobile Banking App.

Registering involves a few straightforward steps. Before registering, customers should make sure they have the following information on hand:

  • ID or passport number (as it’s registered with the Bank);

  • The mobile phone number registered with the Bank, and where a confirmation code will be sent;

  • The last 6 digits of your account or card.

Once your information is verified, a new subscription is created online, and your User ID will appear on screen and also sent to you via SMS. You can set your password on your own. Your personal accounts will be linked to 1bank with full access (including transfers), while joint accounts will only have viewing capability (as applies to 1bank applications made in writing).

If you already are a 1bank subscriber and have forgotten your access codes, the current subscription will appear on screen prompting you to set a new password.

As always, our ultimate goal is to provide better, faster and safer service, all the more so during the current particular set of circumstances.